Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer Camp

Right about now our oldest kiddo should be arriving at church camp for a week's worth of fun, games, fellowship, and basking in the beauty our Lord has provided in nature. Which means he will be laughing and giggling and getting really muddy! LOL! He gets to sleep in a covered wagon and he is pretty excited about that too. This mama was a little nervous last night as I was helping him pack his bags and get everything ready. He said, "Mom, stop treating me like a baby." I had to take a step back and put it all in perspective. He IS almost 10 and I forget that sometimes. He has always been an independent little soul and never really "needed" me the ways the other boys do. I think I am OK with that. I didn't even shed a tear as he drove away. He ran back and gave me a hug and told me he loved me. I do secretly hope he misses me more than he would let on, but this week will be good for all of us. I am crossing my fingers for just one or two good pictures from that little camera I sent with him. :D
xo, Jen

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