Friday, February 26, 2010

You can't really have a silver lining with NO clouds

So I am not supposed to be sitting in my living room right now - I am supposed to be chatting, snacking, laughing, and scrapbooking with Miss Amy right now. But I'm not... (insert 32 year old temper tantrum here) Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other not so comical plans for us. Just a little over 24 hours ago the weather guys were calling for winter weather for my drive down to OKC to meet up with Jason to enjoy a scrappy weekend in Midland. Didn't happen... not even a little bit...I am less than pleased that our weather was GORGEOUS today! At least give me a cloud or a few snowflakes!! In any case, it was decided I should stay here and plan another trip when they are closer. So I am throwing myself a little pity party for tonight. I will be over it in the morning (really I won't but I am going to try).

Instead of creating pretties all weekend with no crazies underfoot, I am sorting and purging my scrappy space. It's not really very fun. I had no idea how emotionally attached to my scrapbooking supplies I am. It is making it painful to sort through product to sell at a local scrapbook garage sale next weekend. And the tears from missing my friend aren't helping any either. But I am forging on because I need to earn some $$$ to help with the costs of the boys' baseball fees this spring. And I hear Dave Ramsey in my ear, reminding me that it is just stuff and I can always get more stuff.

How often do you purge your scrapbook space?
How do you decide what to keep and what goes?
Are you attached to your scrappy goodies the same way I am?

I will hold down the boy fort another weekend and look foward to the future - the 2 1/2 hours away from me future! YAY!


Kim said...

I totally agree with being emotionally connected to your stuff in the scrappy space! This is a great post....I just don't really have any suggestions but I feel inspired to go through my scrap space also.
Does your local scrap store give cash for garage sale items? Awesome! Ours just gives store credit to buy more stuff!

Jennifer and Amy said...

missed you this weekend!