Saturday, February 6, 2010

Finish Line Scrapbooking

It's no secret that I love Stacy Julian and her Library of Memories photo system and simple story-telling scrapbook style. But I think one of my favorite ideas gleaned (is that spelled right?) from her is Finish Line Scrapbooking. I have created each of our Walk to Cure Diabetes books in this style and I think it is perfect for using lots of photos, making them shine, and best yet, creating a finished album QUICK! Last weekend I had to use up 50 free prints from Shutterfly so I ordered 49 photos (plus an extra) of Kenny's All Star season last summer. We spent a few moments in the the scrapbook store yesterday choosing 5 papers for his book. And I was good, really good, I only got the 5 papers! Progress for me ;) So while he is at a training camp for Tae Kwon Do today, I am going to finish line scrapbook his entire all star season! It will be a huge weight off my shoulders as I generally get overwhelmed by the abundance of photos we take during baseball season.

I have a couple of other scrappy projects churning around in my head as well as plans for this baby -

I have BIG plans for this project and I am very excited about it! Ken just shakes his head anymore when I come home with things like this. And don't mind the baskets and baskets of laundry that need to be dealt with... I am hoping they will clean, dry, fold, AND put themselves away while I am creating. A girl can dream, right?

Looking forward to a fun day of crafting mixed in with a bit of housekeeping to keep things lively around here. What are you working on?
xo, Jen